Power 2 Storage is your go to resource in this evolving and exciting industry. Our solutions are developed with collaborative precision and our expert team is resolute in its pursuit of accomplishing your objectives. Regardless of whether you require very specific services for one project phase or are seeking an industry partner for the entire development cycle of your project, you have come to the right place. Power 2 Storage can provide targeted solutions such as system sizing and analysis, one-line diagrams, and permitting assistance. We can also engage on a more comprehensive level to deliver a complete “cradle to grave” project solution that encompasses all aspects of development, design, engineering, and financing and we can further serve as your owner’s engineer. Our level of support is strictly determined by the needs of you and your organization.

Services - Design, Engineer, Development and Advisory

Design Assistance

The team at Power 2 Storage has extensive experience in drafting and designing renewable energy and energy storage projects.  Perhaps your firm needs an early stage feasibility study based on generation and consumption analysis of a host and off-taker.  Or, you may need a system design using PVSyst simulation for a solar project paired with storage,

If your project is farther along the development path, we can create an indicative design with single-line diagrams, analysis of system reliability, and benchmarking of available technology against industry standards to identify the optimal solution.

As your project reaches the final design stage, we will utilize our proprietary software to conduct analysis that will pinpoint its unique charge and discharge requirements and optimize your system configuration.  This provides for identification of ideal hardware and software that drive to the lowest cost of energy (LCOE).

Solutions for energy storage are not a “one size fits all”.  With the industry growing at a breakneck pace, the market is constantly evolving and new technologies are constantly reaching the market. That is why Power 2 Storage is technology agnostic to ensure that every project has not just a solution, but the right solution.

Services - Design, Engineer, Development and Advisory

Engineering Consultation

With engineering expertise developed across hundreds of megawatts, our technical team is ideally positioned to provide the full suite of electrical engineering services for your project.  Beginning with site feasibility studies that includes grid interconnection analysis, we will quickly determine if there are any fatal flaws that might hinder the success of your project.

Our team’s support continues to include definition and review of project scope and design criteria, development of project budget and schedule, preparation of permitting and construction documents, as well as Request For Proposal (RFP) issuance and response analysis.

Complete engineering designs will be drafted to propel the analysis and identification of the most appropriate technology offering, it’s suitability to your project, and applicable warranties and performance guarantees.  This can be followed by completion of signed and sealed electrical documents where we are registered, to support and obtain the necessary permits for construction.

Our team can coordinate the necessary mechanical and architectural engineering through our trusted strategic partners which have an equally robust track record in the renewable and storage industry.

Finally, Power 2 Storage can provide investor due diligence for engineering standards as well as peer review for engineering documents.

Services - Design, Engineer, Development and Advisory

Development Advisory

A clear and defined approach to project development is elemental to achieving success in today’s renewable and energy storage project environment.  Power 2 Storage will leverage its immense project development experience to assist your firm in accomplishing it’s growth objectives.  Our team can undertake complete project development assignments or assist in areas where you may need assistance to complete the development cycle.

Beginning with initial business case development to understand the revenue streams available, we will develop appropriate capital cost models and subsequent financial metric analysis to quickly drive to a go/no go decision.  Time is a resource that cannot be wasted on development, and a “quick no” is often more valuable than a painfully “slow yes”.  Once past this decision, our team will assist with contractual structuring and negotiation of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Lease or a hybrid approach.  The same support is provided for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) agreements and any applicable wraps and warranties.

A fundamental aspect of any project development is ensuring from concept to construction, the project is designed for bankability in mind.  Our development advisory team will provide oversight to ensure marketability of projects to investors and lenders.  We further guide the optimization of a portfolio of projects to ensure that successful investor and/or lender solicitation is addressed and positioned for realization.  (support for financing…link to Financing Advisory)

Financing Advisory

While financing may appear to be the final step in a successful renewable or storage project, it should be considered as early in development as possible.  Simply put, unless your project is a cash purchase, its success or failure will depend on access to capital.  Similar to hardware and software solutions, one size does not fit all for financing.  Different project attributes create different opportunities for financing.  Diversified revenue streams, the “value stack” of the project, power purchase agreement or lease model, capital cost, and counterparty risk are just some key elements that will determine the most effective source for obtaining successful financing.

Over the course of successfully financing hundreds of millions of dollars in renewable projects, we have cultivated relationships with multiple capital sources that pursue investment in renewable and storage projects.  From sourcing of capital partners that will be agreeable to assuming some development risk, to obtaining a mix of equity, debt and tax equity to purchase your project before or after construction, Power 2 Storage will leverage our experience and networks to identify and support funding.

Our team can lead the investment marketing of your project or project portfolio, developing project and deal teasers, creating a target list of potential capital sources, and solicitation of bids.  We will also collaborate on evaluation and further coordinate to develop, negotiate and close purchase and sale agreements.  Finally, we will coordinate with leading insurance partners in the marketplace to identify the ideal risk mitigation strategy.

Services - Design, Engineer, Development and Advisory

Owner’s Engineer

The avoidance of design errors and preservation of a project schedule is paramount to reach successful project delivery.  The highly qualified team at Power 2 Storage will serve as an independent voice that represents your interests, identifying risk, seeking suitable alternatives and recommending the best solutions.  Our engagement level is determined by what you require, from narrowly defined technical or constructability review, to collaborating as an extension of your staff, involved in all aspects of development, execution and commissioning allowing you to free up internal resources that are best deployed elsewhere.

Our engagement will help you in selecting the most qualified EPC contractor, and with the importance of bankability, these discussions are often analogous to those held with a financial backer.  Our services include providing RFx administration, coordination, issuance and response analysis.

As your representative, Power 2 Storage will fulfill the critical link to perform value engineering, verify original design execution, constructability review, project schedule development, and manage scope.  As construction progresses, our team can provide construction oversight, contract administration, and manage change orders.

Once your project has reached completion, we will also provide commissioning oversight, punch list development, warranty issues documentation, and commissioning handover.

For our financing partners, we will provide Engineering due diligence for project purchase or sale, Investor Due Diligence for engineering standards and provide Engineering Peer Review.

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